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Resitech Conservation App

Resitech Conservation App


Goodbye giant paper stacks, hello pocket-sized app.

Wolftalk App

Wolftalk App


The social podcast platform - Live or offline.

Sporza (Voetbal) App

Sporza (Voetbal) App


Mobile first is niet hetzelfde als je websites renderen in een app.

Deccopyr Pot App

Deccopyr Pot App


A 'collaboration on fire' to store our Belgian apples and pears in a better way.

KBC Mobile App


#1 best bank app worldwide - We were there from the first hour.

Deo App


A breath of fresh air in Health Care

Matuvu AR App

Matuvu AR App


A clear view of the customers in the neighborhood.

Abroad Connect App

Abroad Connect App

Bio Bleeser

Employees far away, yet close by.

Belfius Mobile App


Beats, on the rhythm of our heart - Made with love.

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