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Do you have an idea or a problem? IT Licious will transform your idea into a digital product that works. We can invent, develop and promote a unique app, completely according to your needs and wishes.

Discover our 5-phase success formula

Phase 1App

Depending on your 'idea readiness', we will start with our Lightning or Enlightening phase. In our Lightning phase we determine your MVP (Minimum Viable Product). If your idea is rather vague, we start with a design sprint in our Enlightening phase. This transforms that vague idea into a concrete and clear goal which will help us determine an MVP.

Phase 2App

After determining the MVP, our experienced designers will create a functional prototype of the app. An app should have a nice design, but it should also offer a proper solution to your problem. That's why the prototype can be tested by your target audience at minimal cost in this phase. This way we can already make adjustments based on their feedback before development started.

Phase 3App

In this phase we will move on to the real deal. The app will be built in short cycles. You will regularly see interim results so your feedback can always be given.

Phase 4App

App development is never quite final. It's possible that the app no ‚Äč‚Äčlonger functions perfectly on the latest operating systems, or that it simply becomes outdated in general. In this package we proactively ensure that your app always remains up to date and continues to work.

Phase 5App

When the app is ready, you also want it to reach its target audience. We will take care of that! Your app will be found as easily and as quickly as possible in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

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